Bob Mazzer’s Tube Photos


These got pinched off Spitalfields Life, which despite having a title that suggests it’s an advertorial site created by a property marketing agency to entice the upwardly mobile into buying a one bedroom flat for a million quid, is a great, thoughtful source for London-related history. Bob Mazzer took these in the 80s. I like the skinheads climbing over the barrier most.

Image4Tube-05 35 Tube-45 Bob-23A Tube-55 Image4_01 Tube-71C Mazzer-07A Tube-19 Mazzer-01A61 Bob-02 Mazzer-12 Mazzer-17 Tube-13 Tube-32 Tube-34B. Tube-36 Tube-41 Tube-58A Tube-52F Tube-72A Tube-23 Tube-73A Mazzer-18 131 Mazzer-14 49 Mazzer-27 Mazzer-23 Tube-53A Tube-54 Mazzer-33 Tube-28 Tube-10 Mazzer-28A Tube-12-cleaned-up 18 Tube-60 Tube-27AMazzer-38 Tube-04 Lads London at heart Mazzer-24A Tube-67A2

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